A Little Bit About Us

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We have noticed a lot of new followers on our social and also lots of new customers online that might not know us too well.

So we are thinking it might be a good time to share a little bit about us, where Moher Cottage started and a little bit about the journey to today.

Many thanks to the Acorns programme sponsored by the Department of Agriculture for asking me to share our story and capturing it on video.

This short extract below of the original video recorded by Acorns, we think, gives you a sense of us and the little corner of Ireland we live and work


We are now 4 years in business and really would like to thank you all for the support, its been phenomenal, especially this past crazy year, so whether that's a visit in store or an order online we really appreciate it 

And yes I really do have that map in my office with the pins for each country we are sending online orders too, we love it!!! 

Take care from us in lovely Liscannor,

Caitriona & Kevin x


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