LOTTIE Story Time Doll | Kids Toys and Gifts

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Description: The Lottie Doll is designed to encourage positive body image in little girls and boys alike. The age-appropriate design is modelled on the proportions of a 9-year-old, and the wide choice of costumes and occupations encourage gender equality.
We love that Lottie Story Time loves to curl up by the fire with her favourite book. With a good bedtime story, there will be sweet dreams and a restful night.
She wears a comfortable long-sleeved striped outfit set with adorable pink bows and navy shoes.
Lottie is ready for adventures in her imagination with her red storybooks and handy pink reading glasses.


  • Ball jointed doll with bendable knees, easy to pose for imaginative play
  • Premium saran nylon hair, soft to touch and reduced tangle
  • Phthalate free vinyl plastic, super soft feel
  • Removable doll shoes, able to stand on her own two feet
  • Loved and suitable for all ages over 3 years
  • 7.5/18cm, perfectly portable childhood companion


LOTTIE Story Time Doll | Kids Toys and Gifts

$31.00 $0.00 ( / )