Buttercup Baby! Candle

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Why We Love It: 

Buttercup Baby!! We just love buttercups them here so much.... Their bright colour just makes us smile☀️
So delighted to have in stock these gorgeous candles from Herb Dublin. With a gorgeous mix of coconut and fresh citrus you’ll most definitely be bringing the outside in! It is simply delicious!!!

100% Soy wax.

100% Fabulous!

Made from flowers and herbs from Irish gardens, there is no doubt that it is authentically Irish. Give a special gift today with this unique candle!

Additional Information: 

  • Toxin-Free And Made From 100% Soy Wax
  • 40 Hour Burning Time
  • Made In Ireland With Irish Herbs And Flowers To Create A Fresh Scent
  • Presented In A Gorgeous Glass Jar In A Matching, Detailed Box


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