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Brookfield Farm Hand Dipped Taper Dinner Candles are made from 100% Irish beeswax direct from their farm hives. 

Their hives produce honey and wax harvested from their farm’s specially sown 3 hectares of wildflower meadows, blackberries, tree blossoms and from their organic clover and meadows. 

Each set of candles are hand dipped and follow the traditional method of being hand made in pairs, making them the perfect dinner candles.

Beeswax is ideal for use in candlemaking, it burns cleanly with a bright flame, and produces a subtle honey aroma. 

Sold as a set of two in a choice of either 6inch or 9inch candles. The shorter have a burn time of 6 hours each, whereas the longer have a burn time of 9 hours each. 


About Brookfield Farm

Brookfield Farm, located on the shores of Lough Derg, Co.Tipperary, specialise in delicious wildflower honey, farm-made beeswax candles, and tender lambs. Under the direction of Ailbhe Gerrard, Brookfield focuses on sustainable farming, by using organic methods which are continually developed and improved.

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