Burren Dinner

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Why We Love It
Don’t just visit the Burren why not taste it also in this beautiful new book Burren Dinner

What do chefs cook when they have friends and family round for dinner? Award-winning author Trevis L. Gleason asked just that of the renowned chefs and artisanal food producers of The Burren. Influenced by their rugged surroundings, pristine indigenous ingredients and generations-old passion for communal dining, the leading voices in The Burren food scene share treasured three-course dinner-party menus they'd serve in their own homes. From everyday dining to special occasions, these Burren foodies share their recipes and Trevis serves up the back-stories of these creative, passionate, hard-working lovers of food at its best.  

This wonderful book ... tells you more about the food and people of the Burren than I ever could. These recipes feature the interest in food, the landscape, the fine local produce and the seasonality of this wonderful part of the world... There are so many quality, passionate producers and chefs in the Burren who work their magic! I always enjoy eating food from the local chefs, where the use of wild berries, seafood and meats of the area is influenced by the changing seasons. These are chefs who understand how special the place and its produce is...The Burren has it all’
Neven Maguire

Compiled and Edited by Trevis L. Gleason
Foreword by Neven Maguire
Publication date: 28th October 2019
ISBN 9781788491020
Hardback 254mm x 197mm
Pages 303

Burren Dinner

€25,00 €0,00 ( / )