My Name is Jhon by John Brennan

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Why We Love It

‘The greatest selling point you have is to be different – to bring something to the table no one else has’

As a child, John Brennan wasn’t an obvious candidate for success. School was a difficult, upsetting place and he was always at the bottom of the class. His battle with dyslexia meant that he felt stigmatised by a society that didn’t understand him. Yet his determination to not be defined by his dyslexia created an ambition that has been matched by his business acumen.

Now in his mid-fifties, John’s optimism is still flowing. It is a measure of his character that, on being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, the first thing he did was to buy a very uncared for Dromquinna Manor on a waterfront estate on 46 acres of overgrown grounds. Ten years later, in the midst of a world pandemic that saw hotels closed all over the world, John again bought a new hotel.

This is a fascinating account of a man with the vision to create his own life against the odds that will inspire people everywhere to find their own way too.

About the Author:

John Brennan is the owner of Dromquinna Manor and co-owner of the Park Hotel Kenmare and The Lansdowne Kenmare. He co-hosts RTÉ’s At Your Service with his brother Francis, and lives in Kerry with his wife and two children. It is John’s hope that his story will encourage parents and young people who struggle in the educational system to realise that there is not simply one path to success, and to encourage business people to always think about doing things differently!


ISBN 9780717191406

Publication Date October 2021

Language(s) English

Format Hardback, 272 pages

Country of Origin IRELAND

Publisher Gill Books

Author(s) By John Brennan

My Name is Jhon by John Brennan

€16,99 €0,00 ( / )