Lottie Dolls 4 Seasons Multipack of 4 Outfits | Kids Toys and Gifts by Lottie

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Why We Love It:
Lottie loves to be fashionably dressed for all four seasons, and she’s packed and ready for whatever adventure may come her way.

For springtime, a denim vest and brown boots keep her warm during those chilly days.
In summer, deck shoes and a cute hat keep her safe from slippery docks and too much sunshine.
As the leaves change colours into autumn, Lottie dons a yellow mustard sweater and some cozy green tights.
By winter, she is ready for a fun holiday party in the snow with comfortable tights and shiny silver shoes.

No matter the season, Lottie is ready for adventure with just the right outfit.
This multipack includes 4 outfits: 

  • Spring - Striped cotton dress, light denim vest, brown flocked boots, flower headband
  • Summer - Navy and white striped dress with gold anchor detail, white/cream hat, beige deck shoes
  • Autumn - Mustard yellow sweater with a white collar, burgundy corduroy skirt, olive green tights, brown flocked boots
  • Winter - Red party dress with black velvet bow, grey tights, silver shoes.

With new packaging it has been created with 100% recycled cardboard printed using soy inks, bio-degradable string replacing plastic holders, and all accessories packed in recycled paper, using fewer materials.

The Lottie Doll is designed to encourage positive body image in little girls and boys alike. The age-appropriate design is modelled on the proportions of a 9-year-old, and the wide choice of costumes and occupations encourage gender equality.

Packable, Portable & Ready to Gift! 



Lottie Dolls 4 Seasons Multipack of 4 Outfits | Kids Toys and Gifts by Lottie

$50.00 $0.00 ( / )