Gulliver - Jonathan Swift

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A great retelling of the classic everyone knows, accompanied by marvellous pictures, full of humour and adventure.

Lost in a land of small people, Gulliver has to learn their ways and avoid starving! Then he lands in a country of giants. A beautifully illustrated and energetic retelling of one of the world's favourite stories.

Gulliver, by Jonathan Swift, here is retold by Mary Webb and illustrated by Lauren O'Neill


Gulliver's Travels is classic tale written by Jonathan Swift, which was first published in 1726. Gulliver, is a brand new edition, published late last year which is retold by Mary Webb, with stunning illustrations by Lauren O'Neil. Announced just last week, Gulliver has been shortlisted for the CBI (Children's Books Ireland) Book of the Year Awards which is the leading annual children's book awards in Ireland.

"Gulliver is an abundantly illustrated retelling of a favourite classic", Irish Times

Format: Hardback
Pages: 80
Size: 260x200 mm
Interest Age: 7 - 9 years


Gulliver - Jonathan Swift

€15,00 €0,00 ( / )