LOTTIE Kid Activist

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Description: Designed to encourage body positivity in boys and girls alike, the Lottie Doll is an age-appropriate plush doll modelled on the proportions of a 9-year old. A wide choice of costumes and occupations encourage gender equality.


This Kid Activist Lottie Doll is inspired by Mari Copeny, who thinks all kids need to see themselves as superheroes'. Mari is a super cool kid who lives in America and came to the world’s attention in 2016 when, at age 8, she wrote to Barrack Obama asking him to intervene in the Flint Water Crisis where there hadn’t been clean water since April 2014. Mari herself raised loads of money to buy bottled water herself, and has done tons of other amazing things for under privilged kids in her area. She's become known as Little Miss Flint. This Meg doll in the Lottie Series is inspired by Mari's incredible achievments. She wears a Mari-style tiara, carries a 'Kids Voices Matter' placard and a megaphone to Gert her message across! 


  • Super cute Mari signature tiara
  • Yellow 'Kids Voices Matter' t-shirt
  • Green jacket bearing 'Stand Up' badge
  • Denim shorts
  • White sneakers
  • Wristbands
  • Campaign placard

It is hoped that this doll, Meg, will empower children to believe in themselves, their voices matter and with them, they can achieve anything!

"My friends and I believe kids’ lives matter! There are many things that are important to us. Kids have so much to say, we just have to be brave and use our voices! If you care about something, you must let people know. That’s the only way to make a change!"

Additional Information:

  • Doll Height 18cm
  • Not suitable for children under three years of age

LOTTIE Kid Activist

€25,00 €0,00 ( / )