Mindful thoughts for Gardeners

Mindful thoughts for Gardeners

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Embracing gardening is something so many of us are using as an enriching activity which relaxes us but also reconnects us to nature everyday-this beautifully illustrated little book reminds us how to do it.

Rooting each blossoming thought in deep ecology and conscious living, we unearth the power inherent in mindfully lifting the soil; it lifts our souls as well. 

Mindful Thoughts for Gardeners  sows a series of meditations about tending the Earth wholeheartedly. Author Clea Danaan explores the interconnectedness of nature in this carefully-crafted small volume that any green-fingered grower will want to dig into.      

"This gorgeously-illustrated book makes the link between getting out in the garden, and the enrichment that can come as a result." PlantBased mag

"Clea sows a series of meditation techniques about tending the earth wholeheartedly, and shows you how to embrace gardening as a spiritually-enriching hobby to help reconnect you to nature." - Soul & Spirit mag

"It promises to lift your soil and your soul! We love." - Woman's Own*BOOK OF THE WEEK*

"Clea Danaan is on a gentle mission to help more people fall in love with the Earth." - NFU Countryside

"We adore her beautiful little book, Mindful Thoughts for Gardeners, which will inspire you to reconnect with nature, help you live consciously through your planting, and accept unavoidable gardening pitfalls!" - Green Parent

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  • Hardback | 160 pages
  • 135 x 110 x 19mm

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