Robin Christmas Candle

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Our local Robin is many people's favourite garden bird and it has the distinction of being the only species of wild bird found in Ireland that continues to sing throughout the winter.

With his beautiful sweet song, fluffed up red breast, this tiny popular garden visitor is
associated with Christmas dating back to the 19th Century. The newly
created postal service back then, dressed it’s workers in red uniforms, which the
Victorians nicknamed the delivery staff “robins” with the birds eventually
commanding the Christmas market, appearing on cards and wrapping paper.

Our little red-breasted friend heralds the coming of spring which has long been associated with significant life-changing experience. For example, with patience and wisdom, robin symbolism teaches us that even after the harshest of winters the light of spring will always appear. With this in mind, the significance of seeing a robin is seen as a sign of new beginnings and renewal.

In particular, many red robin superstitions and personal testimonies suggest that robins appear when loved ones are near. And so have a special meaning and comfort to many at Christmas time.

So let the top note of orange blossom, infused with the heart note of cranberry grounded by the base notes of clove and cinnamon, lift your heart and soul and let it sing sweetly like the charming Robin.A lovely thoughtful gift this Christmas.


Product Info 

I am 100% highly scented natural soy candle with a cotton core wick.

Meet the Maker

In 2017, Canvas to Candle was born with luxuriously scented soy wax candles in beautiful bespoke travel tins,  perfume balms-infused with a unique blend of fragrance, and a large portfolio of designs for clients-  each product has a story behind the scent. 

Catering for candle lovers, Irish and International Tourists these gifts bring something special, Irish, and unique to the table. Inspired by Irish Castles and landmarks, famous poets, and playwright, these faces and places are part of their art candle range.  Each image is 100% original; with artwork, designed, illustrated and produced in their studio in Galway.

All candles are hand made in small batches to ensure only the best quality. 

  • Small 100ml tin
  • Medium 250ml tin

Robin Christmas Candle

€10,00 €0,00 ( / )