Sacred Water Vessel - Container for Natural Spring or Blessed Water - Handmade in Ireland

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There are hundreds of holy wells scattered throughout Irelands landscape, regularly maintained and still used by locals but none quite as special to us than the one beside us, St. Brigid's Well, often referred to as Ireland's most visited holy well. The water rituals and the holy sites are something to behold and a visit to St. Brigid's Well is encouraged to all. 

Here in Liscannor  at St. Brigid's Well, its sacred waters hold a unique role as a symbol of the Irish culture and a connection with the natural environment. The holy well tradition is believed to date back to the pre-Christian era when they hperformed ceremonies at the springs. The well water itself is extremely important. Particular minerals and elements have been found at a number of sites, due to the water coming up from deep underground, springing from the earth in its purest form. The spring waters of Ireland have always been and are still being collected and used for blessings, protection and cure.

In 2015 artist and designer Keri Sherlock from Limerick designed a collection of sacred vessels inspired by her love, interest and fascination with the use of sacred water throughout Ireland's history. These beautifully handmade water vessels are created to contain collected sacred Irish water. And as charming keepsake items make the perfect gift, a token of spiritual Ireland. The handmade clay bottles are glazed beautifully. 

Additional Information: Each ceramic bottles (9cm x 6cm ) is packaged beautifully and would make a lovely token, souvenir or gift.

Accompanying the items is a small information leaflet describing St.Brigid's Well in Liscannor and the background to the Irish tradition here.


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