St.Brigid’s Cross

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Why We Love It

As our store and home is beside the special St.Brigid’s Well, St.Brigid is very revered here in our home and throughout our village.

This is an authentic hand-crafted St Brigid’s Cross, made by Naomh Padraig Crafts using rushes from the banks of the River Shannon.

The St. Brigid’s Cross was traditionally placed in cottages, and out-houses on her feast day, February 1st, the day on which she died about 524 AD. It is believed this emblem protects the home, and animals too.

The tradition of hanging a St Brigid’s Crosses inside the door of your home is still strong not just here in our village but across Ireland and crosses are often sent to friends and family abroad as a reminder of home.


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St.Brigid’s Cross

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