Handcream - Trish's Honey Products

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Naturally caring bee-friendly hand cream unscented & suitable for all skin types.

Handmade in Co.Waterford in Ireland, by 3rd generation beekeeper,  Trish. Her hand cream is her flag ship product and one she and us in Moher Cottage have a great love for. Experience the silken texture of organic, hand poured, nourishing skin oils. Rich in emollients and natural moisture binding humectants, this organic hand cream will tackle rough and chapped skin effortlessly, deeply penetrating the skin and moisturising, while restoring softness and suppleness.

Direction for use 

Apply a small amount on clean hands. For really sore and dry hands rub well into hands and apply cotton gloves for 20 mins or overnight.

Ingredients list

  • Cera Alba (Beeswax)
  • Cocus Nucifera (Coconut Oil) (Cerified Organic)
  • Olea Europaea (Olive Oil) (Cerified Organic)
  • Tocopherol (Vitamin E)


This is a natural product so bee-careful and keep out of direct sunlight or anywhere that may be too warm.

About Trish's Honey Products

Trish's passion began when she was very small. Being a third-generation Bee Keeper you might say that her love for bees was already predetermined. She grew up with the warm and comforting smells of luscious honeycombs, beeswax, pollen loaded elderflowers, scented buddleia and her mother’s desserts and cakes wafting their honey sweet aromas around the house. The droning buzz of bees was a constant summer symphony from the bottom of the garden and never being a cautious child, despite so many parental warnings, she frequently ventured to close to the hives and got the occasional sting.

Salves and skin balms were no stranger in their “first-aid” kit and she can still recall the scent of her mother’s home-made balm which contained honey that was dabbed onto her skin to calm the blistering redness and irritation – and it did, almost immediately.
Later in her life It made perfect sense to Trish that she should try to recreate those balms and salves adding her own personal nuances and inspirations to further enhance their uniqueness.
When she finally began, she wanted products so pure that you could literally eat them. With patience and persistence, she created the first of her products, her Hand Cream, made with nourishing organic coconut and olive oils. The customer reaction was so good she was compelled to expand the range and the rest as they say is history.
Today her skin care line continues to flourish and  uncompromising. The range is made without preservatives, artificial colourants, parabens, mineral oils and perfumes. It is cruelty free, earth positive, organic, hand-crafted, nutrient rich, sustainable, highly concentrated and completely effective.
It is made with absolute love and an unwavering commitment to purity. Trish hopes you enjoy using the products much as she does.

Handcream - Trish's Honey Products

€11,95 €0,00 ( / )