On this Day, April 17 1906

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Today's #MoherMoment came from a little surprise discovery when organising and sorting through some items in the shop that I hadn't time to before this. 

Last summer a lovely friend, Davoc, from across the Bay came across an old postcard of St.Brigid's Well here beside us, and gave it to us thinking we might like it, which we do for sure.

While it is not unusual to come across old postcards it is quite rare to find one this old that has been sent to someone. This postcard posted in Bristol in the UK in 1906

I stumbled across it today and realised it was sent actually on the 17 April 1906, EXACTLY 114 years ago today!!

The postcard was sent to a Mrs. P. Caple in Clifton, also in Bristol from a Sam sending to some of his/her Irish friends. Fascinating how this postcard travelled to Bristol and hoping the Mrs Caple got some joy from receiving it perhaps. 

It is intriguing too to see the changes that the photo shows with the presence of a large crucifix that is not there today but lovely to see the well house pretty similar and you can just about make out the steps up to the graveyard in the background too. 

See below for some photos from yesterday to compare.



How life changes but sometimes doesn't change that much at all.

While the Well is much quieter these days the candles are kept lighting for you all. 

Thank you Davoc for sharing this memory with us. 

Join us tomorrow for some Meanderings, Memories and More… from Moher Cottage, St. Brigid's Well, Cliffs of Moher in Co. Clare, Ireland

Take Care all until we travel again.

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